Irish culture is a combination of Gaelic, English and Scottish culture. The Irish diaspora created a community of people of Irish descent around the globe that are still influenced by Irish culture.  The global popularity of  Halloween and St. Patrick’s Day is evidence of widespread interest in Irish culture. The history of Ireland created  a culture that is heavily influenced by the English. The English language is the dominant language in Ireland, with only a few native speakers of the original Gaelic language. The Irish political and legal system is based on English traditions. Gaelic culture influenced the development of sport in Ireland. Gaelic football and hurling are examples of sports based on Gaelic traditions.  Ireland is a modern culture  that keeps its past and traditions alive and relevant.

Perhaps, the most noticeable trait of  Irish culture is the openness of the Irish people. Irish culture is held in high esteem worldwide, because of the warm and welcoming attitude of the Irish people. Every visitor to Ireland remarks on the openness of the Irish people,  and their willingness to help complete strangers. The Irish think nothing of chatting with a complete stranger. A visitor can walk into any Pub in Ireland and feel right at home. The warmth of the Irish is the most striking characteristic of the Irish. The Irish value relationships above anything else. They practice conflict avoidance and always try to avoid any misunderstandings. Ireland has a long history of conflict with England, which makes any conflict seem unnecessary. Irish culture is a gift that the Irish gave the world. It is  the main reason people worldwide are enamored with Ireland and the Irish people.